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TR14-002 | 21st May 2014
Julia von Thienen, Christoph Meinel

A Design Thinking Process to Tackle Individual Life Problems (Created for Use in Behaviour Psychotherapy)

The design thinking community has at its disposal a rich pool of teaching material to help students master the process of creative problem solving. We re-designed some of this material for use in a new context: behaviour psychotherapy. Here, patients need to master the process of creative problem solving. In ... more >>>
TR17-001 | 4th July 2017
Julia von Thienen, Christoph Meinel, Giovanni Corazza

A Short Theory of Failure

Failures are a key concept in design thinking. They are discussed as a resource for learning, whereas fear of failure would be a major block to creative activity. We attempt to clarify the term by reconstructing “failures” as “inconclusive outcomes” in the Dynamic Creativity Framework. This includes a definition of ... more >>>
TR11-001 | 10th May 2011
Lutz Gericke, Raja Gumienny, Christoph Meinel

Analyzing Distributed Whiteboard Interactions

Analyzing team work at whiteboards is a time-consuming and error-prone process if manual interpretation techniques are applied. In order to advance this process, we present the digital whiteboard sys- tem Tele-Board, which automatically captures all interactions made on the whiteboard and thus offers possibilities for a fast interpretation of us- ... more >>>

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